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In 1973, Public Company of Iran`s Auto parts industrial group ( IAPCO) was established under the name of (Reza industrial company) in Mashhad with the aim of auto part production and providing the production lines of Iran`s automotive industry. After the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, this company was transferred to the government, and its name was changed to Iran`s Auto parts industrial group (IAPCO) which was converted to a public company in 1991 and its symbol was opened in the stock exchange in the year of 2003. In order to meet the requirements of the internal car manufacturers and the export, Iran`s auto part company has been among the best auto part makers of the country and this company is in the list of 100 Superior companies of Iran.

According to the development program of the IAPCO group companies, Khorasan exhaust MFg Company (KEM) was transported to Neishabour city on 1994. In the second half of the same year, it was granted as an independent legal entity, and registered in the form of KEM Company, in order to be able to independently develop its specific- production activities.

With objective of (world - class production), and as the largest manufacturer of catalyst exhaust systems in Iran, KEM Company is the major provider of Iran Khodro Company and among the main providers of Saipa company and the other car manufacturer of country. By relying on the competitive strategies, and generation of the pure product, since 1999, KEM Company has attempted to implement the quality management systems and in this content, it has achieved to establish the system and get the Certificates of ISO 9002: 1994, in the year of 2000 and ISO/ TS 2002: 16949, ISO 9001: 2000 in 2004.

With the slogan of ( to keep pace with technology - along with the environment ), KEM company with the objective of protection, development and advancement in design and production of the automobile exhaust systems in country in accordance with the environmental requirements, is the first company in the establishment of Caning production line in Iran. This company has accomplished to get the different Certificates from PSA group in the field of Peugeot 206 group exhaust system, to name a few,


TU3/ TU5/ 206

TU11 TU3/ TU2/ 206

For Iran Khordo production, exhaust system of KIA pride and Xantia for Saipa group and Mazda 323 F exhaust system for Bahman group from Mazda Japan. This company, on behalf of Iran Khodro Company, is also in cooperation with the German company of FEV on the exhaust system of the national engine of EF7.

The variety of spare parts of this company with the quality classified levels and under the commercial name of Reza Mashhad are presenting in spare parts markets and sale centers all around the country.

From 2004, this company, by stepping in the route to excellence, has commenced to institutionalize the concepts of the EFQM model in all organizational levels. And in the year of 2005 this company was recognized as the superior industrial unit of Khorasan province and succeeded in delivery of a certificate. Regarding to the today`s competitive business atmosphere, KEM company, after the assessment of the external and internal environment  and despite of the significant increase of the annual automobile capacity and the presence of the millions of using cars all around the country, is determined to match with the growth rate of automobile production and increase its share in the market, and in a 3- year plan, achieve to world class scale production which means a million exhaust system per year. This company has bought the new machinery, and for claiming its share from the market, planned to generate 750000 exhaust systems in the current year. With the help of the pure thoughts and implementation of the standard models of efficiency in the production and industrial environments, and the plan of producing 1 million exhaust systems per year, this company has provided the requirements for active presence in the car manufacturing and spare parts market and the development of the exportation.

KEM company, as the largest producer of the exhaust system on country, with the slogan of (to keep pace with the technology and along with the environment) is doing its best to achieve the Stakeholder Satisfaction with the help of the human resources as the most valuable asset and the competitive advantage of the company via indexing and evaluation of the organizational functions and preparing a policy and also advancement to the zero error for enhancement of the ideal goals and the strategies. This company`s attempt is to present its products with the best quality, the most proper price, on time and fast.

The imagined mission of KEM Company is to design, produce and provide all the accessory parts of all kinds of exhaust systems for the Light and heavy vehicles for the manufacturers and the consumers, after sales services and the export market according to the standards and the customers` desired quality with a competitive price in the internal markets and export.

By relying on the technical knowledge in design and production of the exhaust systems, the specialized, capable and young staffs, having the well equipped laboratories for all types of size and function tests, buying to date machinery and equipments, achievement of the production certificates and licensed production from the universal reputable companies, and also paying the special attention to the environmental measures and world car manufacturing standards, this company has had an active cooperation in the national project of car catalyst in order to reduce the amount of air pollutants and the green industry, and is recognized as a pioneer in the transfer of the knowledge and technology of catalyst convertor in the country.

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